Glassy winged sharpshooter

Glassy winged sharpshooter

Pest and Disease Scouting

Farming involves lots of interesting characters, some good, some bad. From the growing aspect, anticipating which pests and diseases your crop may be exposed to is key to managing and reducing their impact.

Each season will present unique situations. Being prepared is your best defense.

Working together, we develop a pro-active plan for the season, one which anticipates issues and provides scenarios for a rapid response, should an issue develop.

A regularly scheduled pest and disease prevention program is recommended for farmers who specialize in other aspects of farming (or winemaking), those farmers who do everything on the farm/vineyard, and for those looking for a overview of the pests and disease potential in their new farming/growing operation.

If what you really need is more time, I can help keep you up-to-date on your crop (or your contracted vineyard and fruit) with weekly, monthly or custom designed scouting services to fit your schedule, budgets and quality parameters.