What’s Your Idea of Farming?

Have a piece of land you’d like to develop?

Always wanted a vineyard where you now have avocados?

Do you dream of a small farm with everything you need to grow the perfect meal?

You’ve seen all the photos….make it happen.

You’ve seen all the photos….make it happen.

Vineyard Installation

Winegrapes are very well-suited to many regions in Southern California. If you love wine and love growing, why not give it a try? You’ll love it!

I have planned, designed and supervised the installation of many vineyards. Let’s meet to discuss what you’d like to see and make a plan for it to happen.

If you have a vineyard which needs help, either the vines or the actual infrastructure, give me a call. Repairing and renovating vineyards is often a very good investment and can produce higher quality and a more consistent winegrape crop.


Culinary Gardens & Small farms

Do you love to cook? Do you also love to garden? Let’s work together to design and plant a garden which is smart — a labor-saving, productive farm space which produces nutrient dense, fresh fruits and veggies for your family and friends. No matter the size - 100 square feet or 10 acres - You can do this and you’ll LOVE what you create.

hemp8_Kentucky_Industrial Hemp production.jpg

Special Projects …

Industrial Hemp?




Flowering herb crops??