Few crops are as storied or coveted as winegrapes. Southern California is a hidden gem just waiting for the wine world to notice. With our diverse topography and lack of wine dogma constraints, our local wineries are growing and purchasing local winegrapes to produce wines worthy of the best meal, with quite a few scoring 90 points or more.

I offer a complete suite of services for the production of high-quality winegrapes. For wineries, Grower Relation Services can be custom-designed to meet the winemaker’s specifications. Timely updates communicated to both the winemaker and the vineyard manager/owner can help each partner understand where the crop is during the season, providing information such as growth stage, canopy density, nutrient and soil moisture status, etc on a regular basis. Pest and disease scouting, along with management recommendations are included for each winery-contracted grower. Services take into consideration Sustainability Certification or organic certification criteria as needed.

For the Winegrape Grower, a complete offering of vineyard management services and tools are available. Timely, discreet and detailed reports will focus on current crop objectives as well as future cropping goals. Pest and disease management and soil health (including cover crops) are my specialties.

For the New Vineyard, I offer design and specification services to help make sure your vineyard functions effectively and “farms” efficiently. From posts, wire and gripples, to weed control, cover cropping, and vine recommendations. I can be there with you from planning, purchasing, installation and through growing and harvesting. I can also help with regulatory paperwork processing. I’ve done it and I can help you make the process more enjoyable and profitable.