Orchards, Groves and plantations

Chill-hours and slopes are both challenges and blessings. Our diverse topography - elevations and aspects- coupled with our ocean influences, reach well into our inland valleys in many cases. These environmental scenarios create micro climates which can produce a varied number of chill hours to support a wide array of sub-tropical plants - avocados, every sort of citrus, papaya, mango, cherimoya, guava, dragon fruit. Less obvious are the newer varieties of peach, nectarine, apple, cherry and blueberries which produce reliable yields and may provide a market opportunity for some well-located farmers.

Services I offer for orchard, groves and plantations include complete crop production plans with scouting, basic bi-weekly or monthly pest and disease scouting programs, irrigation monitoring and scheduling plans, soil health management and development, cover crop selection and management. I am available to collect, submit and interpret lab analysis for soil, water and plant samples for your property - both as in-season and pre-planting.

With many orchards, groves and plantations being established on slopes, I strongly recommend the development of an erosion management plan. I am available to help with the selection of cover crops and various soil retention options.

With most of our fruit crops relying on pollinators, I offer my services to help with establishing diverse pollinator and insectary hedgerows and cover crops to optimize crop yield and ROI. Assistance with the selection and rotation of pesticides to reduce risk to pollinators and conserve biological diversity while providing management of target pests is central to all my consulting services and recommendations.