About Christina

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Short version of gypsy farmer…..

Born and raised in San Diego County. Moved to Orange County, then Tehama Co., then San Joaquin Co. … and finally back to San Diego County.

Wanted to be a sculptor….architect….interior designer….tractor driver….farmer. On the list: Rancher with summer and winter pastures, jazz club owner, vineyard owner, surfer, gracious hostess, sailor, traveler…

Needs: Outdoors, open vistas, quiet nights, bird songs and crickets. Water, sun, soil…. Sweet, Fresh Water. Salt Water. Rain Water.

Enjoys: Jazz masters, classical piano, strings and waltzes, classic rock and old school. Sings in car, occasional air guitar, drums.

Have worked for: Gilbert’s 5-10-25, Diedrich’s, A16, various art galleries, UCCE-ANR, UCD, Crown, USDA-PMC-NRCS, Harris-Moran, Treasury, Rocket, Fallbrook, Monserate, and finally myself!!

Over the years, have grown: tomatoes, basil, strawberries, figs, winegrapes, native grasses, blueberries, apples, stone fruit, citrus, coffee, saffron, capers, kale, onions, lettuce, sweet peas!, sunflowers, chiles, fava, peas, french tarragon, african violets, violas, violets, gardenias, roses, lots of cover crops, every culinary herb you could imagine including marjoram, oregano, parsely, sage, rosemary and yes, thyme, various house plants (my oldest plant is 25 yrs!)